201 Capitol will be hosting monthly small business and entrepreneurs showcases on the third Monday of each month. If you are looking to set up your business or service in a central downtown location, contact us today for more details. We are looking to keep the consumers intrigued and the vendors busy throughout the year. Specials are available for the first vendors to sign up, so act fast. These slots won’t last long.

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General Information

1.     201 Capitol Marketplace Mondays will be held on the Third Monday of each month in 2019 from 12pm-7pm in the main room and lobby of 201 Capitol, located at 201 W. Capitol Street Jackson, MS on the corner of Roach and Capitol Street.

2.     Operating Hours Guidelines

a.     The showcases are schedule to begin at 12pm and end at 7pm.

b.     Vendors are not required to be set up the entire day.

c.      Vendors may set up and break down anytime between those hours.

d.     Do not leave set-up unattended.

e.     Doors will be open promptly at 10am. If other accommodations are needed a contact person will be provided to assist.

f.      Vendors are asked to be packed and vacated no later than 830pm. If circumstances require a vendor to run over that time the designated contact person should be notified.

3.     The Vendor fee is non-refundable and due one week before the vendors scheduled Monday.

4.     The vendor fee is $35/month. If you sign up for multiple months you must select your dates and the fee will be $25/month and a 50% deposit must be made based on the number of months you choose. (for example: if you sign up for 6 months you must pay a $75 deposit to hold your space for the dates you choose.)

5.     201 Capitol will provide one 6 feet table and 2 chairs.

6.     Clean up is to be completed by each vendor for his or her chosen area.

7.     Vendors selling merchandise are encouraged to have multiple ways to accept payments.


1.     201 Capitol will provide:

a.     Social media support for each Marketplace Monday. (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter)

b.     Each vendor will be included and highlighted in any press releases and media pitches.

c.      Each vendor will be included on 201captiol.com with company description and links to your business.

d.     Marketing will be targeted to downtown Jackson employees, residents & visitors, in addition to all of Hinds County and surrounding areas.

2.     Vendors must submit any marketing materials that include 201 Capitol’s name and/or logo for review before production.

3.     Vendors are encouraged to promote their event in the form of a Facebook event if they have Facebook accounts. These events will be pushed by 201 Capitol’s Facebook page.


1.     Vendors are fully responsible for all damages or loss of their items, merchandise and equipment.


1.     Parking

a.     All parking arrangements will be made clear upon acceptance of terms.

2.     Space options

a.     Spaces will be claimed on a first come first serve bases.

b.     Vendors are encouraged to remain in the boundaries of their space unless otherwise approved.

c.      All decorations and table addictive should be clear of walkways.

3.     201 Capitol will provide a designated contact for operation, marketing and support.

4.     In order to participate you must submit your electronic agreement no later than the Monday before your selected showcase date.

If you have any questions please contact us at 201capitol@gmail.com, provide a phone number and someone will get back with you as soon as possible.